The Treat Trade Pt. 1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Arya and Jill are extremely bored at home. Their dads are out of the house and they want to do something fun! It cant be mischievous though since they just got off being grounded. Arya then gets a brain blast! They can bake something sweet to cure their boredom, and share it with their fathers to get on their good side even more! Perfect. The baking gets underway but it just turns into a shit show. The girls start having food fights and get carried away with sprinkling sugar on each others ass and tits. The ingredients made their bodies look so tasty, they just had to lick each other. The girls dove right into their first lesbian experience, which was just as savory as the ingredients. Just as the girls got their last licks, they heard their dads car pulling up. Uh-Oh. Not only was the kitchen a mess from their dykey escapades, but they forgot to put the treats in the oven. Stay tuned for part two to see just how truly fucked these hot teens have become...