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Sweet and petite Kate Bloom has all her ducks in a row when it comes to technology. She has a list of passwords just in case she ever forgets one. After all, with so many apps to juggle, who can blame her? Especially when she has a folder of secret nudes hidden away on her phone. But when her nosy dad pokes around, he discovers the key to paradise. He opens the folder and finds some sexy photos of Kates best friend, Jewelz Blu, and he is stunned. The blue haired babe has always seemed so innocent. Now he knows that she has a totally rocking body and an appetite for mischief. This guys cock gets hard as a rock, and he tries to sneak in a jerk while his daughter is just around the corner. He almost gets caught, but he hides his hog behind a magazine as she walks out the door! Later, he and Jewelzs father conference about what they have found. They decide the only way to handle the nude situation is with some tough love. So, when Jewelz comes over the house to hang out with her bestie Kate, the two concerned pops confront their girls. The blue eyed cuties pretend that they are totally oblivious. Then they suggest their daddies spank them as a disciplinary measure. The pervy dads agree, slapping their daughters booties red. But the girls start kissing in the middle of it! Soon, the punishment turns into an all out orgy, with the girls swapping pops to let them stretch out their tight pussy lips. They bounce and moan next to each other, enjoying all the dad dick they desire. Then, they soak their old men in pussy juice and take a splash of cum to top off the action. That should make them act right!