Grounded Girls - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

April and Serenity are some bad girls. Their dads are nice enough to let them go out and have fun, but they totally misused the privilege and stayed out all night long. They try sneaking in, but the daddys are too hip to their bullshit and catch them at the door. They automatically send the girls to their room so they can decide on a punishment. Nothing seems to have worked in the past, so theyre thinking some bare assed spanks and a good verbal lashing might do it this time. Before the girls come out, they decide maybe it will be easier on them if the request the dads to swap their punishments. Theyre so desperate to be forgiven, theyll try anything. The come out into the living room and the dads agree on the swap. They start spanking them pretty damn hard, but they seem to be enjoying it too much. They then go to bare booty slaps and is still not working, so looks like theyll have to eat their pussies so they can feel all the disdain they have for them. The girls start to get the message when an orgy style fuck party breaks out all over the living room. Every inch of the floor and couches is guaranteed to be soaked with dick fluid and pussy juice. As the final aspect of the punishment, the girls are forced to receive a humiliating facial. April took it remorsefully, but serenity was not the biggest fan and couldnt help gagging. It was actually pretty funny. But today, these girls definitely learned a lesson. As for tomorrow, theyll probably end up doing the same shit again. So much for corporal parenting!