The Olympic Interchange PT.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Blair and Maya have the best dads ever. They bought them some of the swaggiest Team USA gear so they could watch this years Olympics in style. Too bad the girls didnt wear them because they care less about being patriotic and more about the countries with the hotter guys. The dads were pissed they wasted their money on USA gear, but still wanted to make things interesting. If the countries that the girls were repping won, they would get new cars. However, if they lost to the USA, the dads get to fuck them. What a wager! The risk was worth the reward though, too bad the USA always dominates. In part two, Blairs dad ravages the fuck out of Maya. He is also sure to make a point of how she was so close to getting the car, but now even closer to chocking on his dirty daddy dick. Mayas pink teen pussy got beat up like it never thought possible, so excruciating to the point she even came. Daddy came too, all over Mayas pretty little face.