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Girl on Girl Motivation- My teacher, Ms. Amiee Cambridge, is chatting on the phone about how I failed my sex-ed class for the second time. She is making plans to meet up with my step-mom tonight, to discuss this situation. Later that afternoon, my step-mom, Cory Chase, walks into the classroom and she meets Mrs. Cambridge. I am sitting next to my step-mom, while we listen to Mrs. Cambridge speak. 'I'm just not motivated at all!' I exclaim. 'Could you please start motivating my step-son more? How about an after school tutoring session where he could learn hands-on?' Cory asks her. 'I could do something more hands-on. That makes sense to me...' Amiee says. Cory and Amiee start to feel each other's tits up, and then they start to kiss in front of me. My step-mom lifts Amiee's top off, exposing her big tits. Cory pulls her top off next, and Amiee starts to lick Cory's nipples in front of me. They both pull their skirts down next, and before I know it, they're both completely naked! Amiee sits down on her chair and she spreads her legs in front of my step-mom. Cory starts to eat Amiee's pussy out while I watch them. A few minutes later, the two MILF's switch places and Amiee eats Cory's pussy out this time. 'I am finally motivated to start learning in this class!' I exclaim.