Amiee Cambridge - Step Son's Bully Vol 2 (Part 5) - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase - NNN Joi Training Your step-mommies are both sitting down on the bed in front of you, teasing you. Cory Chase is wearing a deep red bath robe and Amiee Cambridge is wearing a yellow, floral robe. They ask you if you're going to participate in No Nut November or not, but you aren't sure yet. The two MILF's want you to practice for No Nut November, by stroking your cock and not allowing yourself to cum. You pull your cock out and you slowly start to stroke it in front of them. Amiee slowly opens her robe up, revealing just one of her nipples to you. Cory starts to massage her breast, while the other one is still covered. Cory opens up her robe next, revealing both of her big, enhanced tits to you. Right after, Amiee also pulls her other breast out. You keep stroking your cock, but not fast enough where you'll explode just yet...! They both drop their robes to the ground, and Amiee moves into the doggystyle position in front of you. Cory begins rubbing Amiee's clit, while you enjoy watching the show. Amiee and Cory switch places, and Amiee rubs Cory's clit while she's in the doggystyle position this time. Both the MILF's lie down on the bed next to each other, and they both rub their own clits this time. Amiee tells you that you're doing such a great job stroking your cock without cumming! 'I'm so proud of how long you've lasted so far!' Amiee exclaims. You finally allow yourself to explode, and the two MILF's tell you that hopefully next time you will last a little longer...