Nichole Rae in Stuck Step Daughter (Part 5) - Taboo Heat

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Stuck Threesome- My step-mom (Cory Chase) and I (Nichole Rae) both stick our heads under the bed at the same time, ready to keep looking for my step-dad's car keys! My step-dad, Luke Longly, walks into the room while our asses and pussy's are up in the air. He walks over to us and he starts to fuck my step-mom's ass hole first, to try and suction her out! Then he walks over to me and he fucks my ass and pussy back and forth. He moves back and forth between my step-mom and me, fucking both of our holes, in no particular order. That doesn't get us unstuck, so he continues to fuck our holes back and forth. I get unstuck first, and then I help my step-dad get my step-mom unstuck as well! Once we both have our hands free, we climb on to the bed together. I lie down on the bed and I spread my legs so that my step-dad can fuck my pussy and my ass while I make out with my step-mom. Then my step-mom climbs on top of me and our asses are stacked on top of each other. My step-dad fucks our asses back and forth and it looks so hot! My step-mom and I sit down in the missionary position next to each other and Luke fucks our holes while we kiss each other some more. He fucks my ass until he is ready to cum, and then he jerks his cock off into my mouth. Because I am such a great step-daughter, I make out with my step-mom so we can both share my step-dad's cum!