Parlor Tricks: Tricked By The In-Laws, Scene #01 - Family Sex Massage


Michael Vegas and Kayla Paige are thrilled when their future daughter-in-law, Chloe Cherry, visits, meeting her in person for the first time. They are excited to have her join the family, though as Michael chats with Chloe, Kayla starts to notice... signs... that he's attracted to her!Kayla takes Michael aside, playfully scolding him for having the hots for their son's future wife. But instead of being mad, Kayla seems to be turned on by it. In fact, she has an idea for bringing Michael and Chloe together so that he can get a chance to get frisky.Once Chloe returns, Kayla convinces her to get a free NURU massage with Michael, at the massage parlor that Kayla owns. It'd be a great way for Chloe to take all the stress off from the wedding and get to know them a little better. Although Chloe's a little flustered, she agrees, unable to turn down such goodwill.A few days later, Michael and Chloe are waiting in the lobby of the massage parlor when Kayla comes out and says that there's been a scheduling mix-up, so the two of them will have to be massaged in the same room. Not only that, but this room only has one mattress, so they'll have to share that, too! Of course, Kayla and Michael both know this is a blatant lie but Chloe is oblivious andgoes along with the change of plans.After they all strip, Kayla gives them both a sensual NURU massage as they lie next to each other -- naked -- on a mattress, and it doesn't take long for things to heat up. Even Chloe, who is shyer and reserved, starts to become consumed by lust... Now that Chloe's onboard, it's time for the REAL fun to begin!