Parent-Teacher Intervention, Scene #01 - Family Sex Massage


Chloe Foster enters her house, keys jangling in hand, and is about to head to her room when she stops short. In the room facing the hallway, waiting side by side with their arms crossed and impatient looks on their faces, sit Chloe's teacher, Mercedes Carrera, and her step-mother, London River. 'Uh oh, this can't be good,' Chloe mutters as she begrudgingly makes her way to join them.

After Chloe sits across from the two stern-looking older women, London is the first to speak up - imagine her surprise when she got a call from Mercedes saying that her step-daughter was in danger of failing her Health & Fitness class! She invited Mercedes over for coffee to apologize for her daughter and to discuss the details, and it sounds like Chloe's been skipping classes lately?

Chloe rolls her eyes belligerently, it's a bogus class all about new-agey stuff like healing crystals and reiki and a bunch of other pseudoscience. Mercedes looks a bit uncomfortable as Chloe describes how fake all that stuff is, and London tries to apologise for her daughter's lack of tact. Mercedes says it's quite alright, she knows not everybody believes in alternative medicines - but she's shaped the course to cover different health practices from all different cultures and religions, and even if her students don't believe in all of it, it's important for them to still learn the course material.

London steps in to point out that it's also not going to look good on Chloe's college applications if she's skipping classes and failing classes. Mercedes starts explaining that while Chloe was away, the biggest thing she missed was the section on massage therapy, and that all the students learned the basic techniques for how to give massages. 'Ooh,' London interjects, 'that sounds fun! Chloe, I can't believe you didn't want to learn about this!' Chloe rolls her eyes, but Mercedes riffs off of London's enthusiasm. She explains how the students had several days to learn and practice the techniques, but since she has to condense everything into one lesson, it would probably be easiest to just show some examples and then have Chloe copy what she's doing. London perks up, and volunteers to be their practice patient. Chloe is still uncertain, but if it's between this and failing high school... She reluctantly agrees and the trio moves to a portable massage table.

Mercedes makes note that in real massage situations it's better to rub bare skin so the clothes don't pinch or scratch the patient, though of course in class everybody kept their shirts on. London volunteers to take hers off if that would help the lesson - they're all women here after all. Chloe's embarrassed as Mercedes instructs London to lie on her stomach, and then explains some basic massage principles to Chloe. As she explains, she provides some visual demonstrations of some different techniques to use on each bodypart. Chloe then tries to copy the techniques, and Mercedes gives her additional feedback and instructions as they go along.

After more back massaging, Mercedes suggests that they turn to London's front. She mentions to them both that the weight of women's breasts can add a lot of strain to the back and chest, especially without ample support. Mercedes then applies some light massage techniques on and around London's breasts. London remarks that she had no idea she was keeping so much tension there but she notices it now. Mercedes instructs Chloe to copy the breast massage techniques she showed her, and Chloe seems a bit unsure. 'I mean, she's my step-mom, it's a little weird, no?' But London assures Chloe that it's all good, especially since it's for the practice.

Chloe starts massaging around her mom's breasts, but she does a poor job and Mercedes jokes that she looks like she's more grabbing and fondling them than massaging them properly. She shows Chloe the techniques again, and they take turns repeating the massage motions on London's breasts until Chloe has gotten the techniques right. Throughout this, London seems to be enjoying it more and more, mmm-ing and moaning.

Then Mercedes moves to massage London's pussy, which has London moaning louder by the second. When Mercedes says it's Chloe's turn, Chloe hesitates, not feeling comfortable with applying that kind of technique on her step-mother. Mercedes says she completely understands and strips down, insisting that Chloe can practice on her instead! London cheerfully insists that Chloe get naked, too, to save her clothes from the oil...

Mercedes lays on the massage table while Chloe starts applying the sensual rubbing techniques to the her pussy while London rubs her breasts. When Mercedes suggests massaging her pussy with her mouth, it's too much for Chloe. London laughs and says she'll do it since she experimented some in college, which makes Chloe groan with embarrassment. Mercedes eagerly agrees and lays back to have her pussy eaten out by London while Chloe massages her breasts. After a bit of fun, Mercedes insists that it's Chloe's turn to enjoy the techniques, showing her that a parent teacher intervention doesn't always have to be a bad thing!