The Sugar Daddy Swap Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Niki Snow and Zoey Monroe are pissed. Their minimum wage jobs are barely making them any money and they are always so beat after work. It is not worth the effort for how little they are pulling in. As they were thinking about how to solve their problems, Zoey came up with the genius idea of getting sugar daddies! But where the fuck were they gonna find rich and pervy old men willing to take them on? Why not try their own fathers for a start! They shook on a swap and approached their dads with the idea. They were kind of disappointed in them for thinking about such dirty things, but damn did they really crave some young no strings attached pussy. In part two, Zoey really gave Niki’s dad his money worth. He pounded her mouth and cunt with no remorse and even made her swallow his load. These girls might be devious, but damn do they know how to get a return on their pussies!