Swappin’ Wingwomen - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Freya and Selina want to go out and have fun. They’re both stunning and incredibly horny. They run into some issues when their stepdads, Juan and Tony, want to tag along on what is supposed to be a girl’s night out. The guys want to get laid, and if Freya and Selina want to use the car for the night, they’ll have to be their stepdad’s wingwomen. Unfortunately, the girls are unsuccessful in finding chicks who want to fuck Juan and Tony. So, to make up for it, Freya thinks she and Selina should be the ones to fuck around with the older guys. The plan is set in motion - Freya will let Tony fuck her, and Selina will get fucked by Juan. The sex is better than anyone could have imagined, and the guys can’t believe they get to fuck each other’s stepdaughters. But Freya and Selina want to go one step beyond, and they want their pussies filled up by their own stepdad’s cocks.