Girls Behaving Badly Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Jade and Molly are notorious for taking advantage of any situation they can, and their dads know this. Thats why before they leave for their weekend fishing trip, they lay down the rules heavily. No boys, no alcohol, and stay in touch at all times. The girls agree, but know they are just going to walk into the other room and plan out how to get around all the rules. After they relocate, the dads notice Molly left her phone out in the open, with naked pics right on the home screen that she sent to her boyfriend. This is unacceptable, but before the daddys lay down the law, they decide to have a little fun. Mollies dad blocks her boyfriends number and replaces it with his. The dads then plan to humiliate the girls by telling them to get naked and blindfold themselves as they wait for him. These dumb little sluts actually do it! The dads take a pic, and decide to have a little fun before they bust them. The deal is sealed! And so are Jade and Mollys hot teen pussies with some extreme daddy dick. After the blindfolds are lifted and the girls see what was going on, they kind of freaked out, but also kind of liked it. In part two, Molly gets to have a little fun with Jades dad. They head into the other room, and Molly gets that righteous daddy dick extra rough on the bed. She takes a quick break to jack that papa off and lets him release himself all over her face. Hopefully the girls will listen to their fathers from now on. Especially when they say "SUCK MY DICK".