The Spontaneous Swap Pt. 1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Daisy Stone and Jayden Black were just lounging in the living room dissing their girlfriends on social media when Jayden’s dad came to say hi. He was so sweet and Daisy certainly noticed it. She couldn't help but tell Jayden how hot she thought he was, and also how much she would love a guy like that. In part one, Daisy takes a quick break to go use the restroom and stumbles in on Jayden's dad just as he's getting out of the shower! She notices his large fatherly cock and cant help herself from touching it. Daddy knew it was wrong, but it felt so damn right. Daisy gargled that daddy dick down good then even let him fuck that pussy raw. He did pull out though, and made sure to cum all over Daisy's face. It could have been their little secret, only if Jayden didn't walk in and see what was going on. To be continued…..