Cheerleaders Pt.1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

These little cheer vixens are totally over their dads forcing them to live out their failed dreams of being cheer gods. Training is way too tough and nobody has time for that! Luckily Alexa and Molly are devious enough to devise a plan. They decide to sneak their panties off and do the infamous D-I-C-K chant! What a view the dads got of their young daughters beautiful pussies. Alexa takes the lead and lets the daddys know that the park wont cut it for them to practice their extra special super secret moves. In part 1, Alexa lures Mollys daddy into the bedroom. She wastes no time time impress papa cheer coach. She drops neck right away and her head performance gets a 10 out of 10! The flexibility of her tight pussy was nothing short of olympic. Our cheer coach actually had some pretty good moves for a washed up old perv. After a long day of fucking and cheer training, nothing is more well deserved than a cool stream of jizz right across your face to know you gave it your best!