School Photo Substitution - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Ally and Freya are super bummed that they missed out on school pictures this year. Freyas dad hears and is heartbroken! He confronts Allys father about this right away. Good thing Jimmy has all his photo and lighting equipment on deck from when he tried picking up a new hobby. They can now throw the girls their own private photo shoot, way better than anything they could have had at school. The girls are overwhelmed with joy, and go get ready right away. When Jimmy starts to shoot Ally, she flashes her pussy at him! Then Freya does the same thing to Allys dad. These girls are dirty as fuck! When the papas review the pics, they kind of get hip to whats going on. Then the girls return for a sexier shoot, and the dads know exactly where to take it. Those little sluts got the orgy style daddy dicking of their dreams! These girls had no problem swapping papas, and even hit us with the cum swap kiss for some icing on this sexy sexy cake.