Barbecue Business Pt.1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

What was supposed to be a friendly barbecue turned into a daughter swapping fuckfest. Sami Parker and Shavelle Love were lounging by the pool while their dads manned the grill. The girls could not stop talking about how hot each others dads were and how big they thought their dicks might be. The dads on the other hand were talking about how their wives barely do anything for them sexually anymore. This was the perfect recipe for some daughter swapping madness! In part one Shavelle began to seduce Sami’s dad with her hot teen body. She even gave his crotch a little grab. He told Shavelle’s dad about what happened, and it turned out Sami was up to the same shit with him. The dad’s agreed that they both had permission to fuck the other's daughter since it looked like they were asking for it. Shavelle and Mr. Parker made their way up to the bedroom where she guzzled down his cock like a virgin pina colada and let him ram her pussy like a raging bull. Shavelle then got her face covered with a dose of daddy doo and made her way back to the barbecue. Stay tuned for part two!