Driving Lessons - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

We have two parralel stories that coinside leading up to our most epic swap yet. There will be cum... Raylin is having a rough time learning to drive. Shes not too bad at it, but is having a rough time with braking. Joseline prefers to be chauffeured, and is bitching her dad out in the midst of all of this. In Joselines car, dad pauses a bit too long at the stop sign, and in Raylins car she cant seem to hit the brakes in time. BOOM! They crash and cross paths. The dads get out to check the damage, and its not looking too good. Instead of exchanging insurance info or cash for the damage, Raylins dad proposes that he will exchange his daughter. Raylins dad is not too into it at first, but when he sees how hot she is he cant help but say yes. LET THE SWAP COMMENCE. They go back to the house and Raylin wastes no time gargling that dick down to start repaying for the damages she caused. Joseline is pretty weirded out by this, but is also not one to pass up a good time. She then continues to lure Raylins father onto the couch and lets him fuck her raw and rough. Some super hot DaughterSwap action ensues, with Joseline scorning and flipping off her dad throughout. She didnt get to make it to the mall, but luckily her and Raylin did get to become facialized by their superior daddy dicks. FAIR SWAP FAIR TRADE!