The Treat Trade Pt. 2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

As the girls were scrambling to clean up the kitchen and wipe each others pussy juice off their faces, they heard the door slam closed. Their daddys were home. They expected them to be super upset, but when they heard sweet treats, they were ready to let the mess slide. If you recall from part one, they totally forgot to put the cupcakes in the oven. Arya and Jill were royally screwed. The only thing they could think of that was remotely close to a sweet treat was a good old fashioned blowjob. The girls switched fathers and went down to penis town. Their papas still didnt seem pleased, so they let them fuck their pussys too. Just as these daddys were willing to let this one slide, they thought it would be best for the girls to not just get off scott free but also learn a lesson from this. They decided to add to the mess by busting all over their faces and having them clean that off in addition to the mess in the kitchen. It may not have been completely fair, but hey, its better than getting grounded!!!!!