Daddys Revenge Pt. 1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Part one of this Daughter Swap double feature starts with one dad telling the other dad a tale of when he fucked a hot 18 year old. The story beings with him reminiscing about a hot teen girl and how she would sneak him over when her father wasn’t home. He speaks of how rock hard he got as she stripped nude and posed for him. Then he recalls her getting on her knees and sucking the shit out of his dick. He is an old pervert in heaven. He loves fucking someone who is the same age as his own daughter. He speaks of how he slapped her ass and deep dive fucked her a she bent into every position. He clearly savored every moment of getting his dick inside this tight young body. He talked about he was a sweaty mess that blew a sprawling goo load all over her younger pussy. Then he mentioned narrowly escaping her home as her dad arrived. It was a narrow diversion. It was worth the risk. Little did he know that the daughter he was fucking was the very father he was speaking to. What will happen when this man meets the other man’s daughter? Find out in part 2!