Backwoods Bartering - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Sean and Jimmy take their lovely daughters on a weekend out camping. When the dads go to retrieve the beers, Jimmy has something he has been meaning to tell Sean. It turns out Jimmy stumbled across Alyssas diary and she has been writing non-stop about how hot she thinks Sean is, and how she would do anything for just a little taste of that daddy dick. Jimmy thinks it might be a great idea for them to make moves on the girls, which isnt a bad barter. My daughter for your daughter, everyone is happy! It only took one light beer for these proud papas to work up the courage to do it, and sure enough both Alyssa and Haley got down and dirty, showing each others father how deep their repressed daddy issues are through blowjobs and pussy spreading. After the girls finish the dads off and swallow their seed, all thats left is a high five from bff to bff and a quick shout to let the world know it was the best camping trip ever! WE WANT INVITES NEXT TIME!