Fathers Deal (Vacation Weekend) Pt.1 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Its been a while since Ryan & I took our daughters out on vacation and we thought that renting this house would be a great father/daughter bonding experience. The girls have not really been our biggest fans these past couple months since we both divorced their mothers. Its time for them to understand we still will both always be there for them. The girls are growing really fast now and its our part to make sure we are there for all the precious moments. We get to the house and its just as we remembered it last year. The girls are excited and cant get enough of it. It wasnt until dinner when I realized things were starting to turn out a bit different than any of our other vacations. I saw my daughter Liza rubbing her foot all over Ryan cock at dinner but I couldn't say anything because his daughters foot was all over my cock. We had to step aside for the moment and clear our heads to really understand what was going on. I guess our daughters have been craving just more than fatherly attention. It seems they want some real men in their life now, and well I guess who better than their own fathers. We shook on it, I'll take yours if you take mine.