Talulah Mae - Fit Step Sister (Part 4) - Taboo Heat

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Muscle Milk Shake- I (Luke Longly) walk into the gym and I find Cory Chase and Talulah Mae sitting in the gym, completely naked. 'Why are you guys naked?!' I ask them. 'Well, Talulah told me her secret about how she got so muscular lately. She's been getting cum shots from men your age, so I wanted to know if we could use you for some protein shakes' she tells me. Cory doesn't want to fuck her step-son, so she asks Talulah to fuck me instead and she wants Talulah to spit my cum shot into her mouth afterwards. Talulah lies down on the weight bench with her legs spread, and she kisses Cory at the same time. I put my hard cock inside of Talulah's pussy and I start to fuck her while she continues to kiss Cory on the mouth. While I am fucking Talulah's pussy in the missionary position, Cory sits on Talulah's face so she can eat her pussy out at the same time. 'I really want to see Luke fuck you too!' Talulah tells Cory. Cory is finally convinced, so she moves into the doggystyle position and Luke starts to fuck her pussy from behind. At the same time, Cory is eating Talulah's pussy out. Talulah and Cory switch positions and I start to fuck Talulah's pussy from behind while she eats Cory's pussy out next. The two MILF's give me a double blowjob, and then I go back to fucking my step Aunt Talulah in the missionary position. I keep fucking Talulah's pussy until I am ready to cum. Then I jerk my cock off into Talulah's mouth, and she kisses Cory so Cory can swallow my cum!