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Fuck My Step Sister More-Cory Chase and her step-sister, Amiee Cambridge, are having some drinks for New Years, while they're discussing their New Year's resolutions. Amiee tells her step-sister that she wants to fuck her and the rest of their step-family more this year! They take a few sips of their non-alcoholic wine, before Cory helps her step-sister strip out of her clothing. Amiee is wearing all white lingerie underneath her clothes, and Cory is wearing gold lingerie. Cory gets down on her knees, in between Amiee's legs, and she starts to tease her pussy with her tongue. Then Cory turns around, with her ass facing Aimee, and Amiee shoves her head in between Cory's ass! Amiee eats Cory's ass out from behind and her moans begin to get louder. As much as Amiee loves eating her step-sister's ass out, she wants to lick her pussy now; She tells her step-sister to switch positions and move into the missionary position with her legs spread, so Amiee can eat her pussy out more easily. Once Cory cums in Amiee's mouth, the two step-sisters kiss each other on the mouth...Fuck My Step Son More-Amiee is wearing white lingerie and Cory is wearing gold lingerie as they walk around their step-son Luke Longly. Cory tells Luke that Amiee's New Year's resolution is to fuck their step-family more this year! Amiee wants to have some fun with Luke before the rest of the family comes over for the party. Amiee gets down on her knees in front of Luke and she starts to give him a blowjob. When his cock is finally hard, she sits down on the kitchen chair and he starts to fuck her pussy. She moans that she wants him to use her pussy to make himself feel good! She tells him that he can cum inside of her pussy if that's what he wants to do... and he does!Swallow More Cum- Cory is wearing black lingerie and Amiee is wearing red lingerie as they sit next to each other on the couch on New Years Eve. Amiee spreads her legs in front of Cory's face, and Cory starts to lick her step-sister's pussy. That's when their step-son Luke walks into the room and gets behind Cory's ass! Luke starts to fuck Cory's pussy from behind, while she continues to lick Amiee's pussy. Then Amiee switches to using Amiee's pussy next. He tells both of the MILF's to sit next to each other on the couch, in the doggystyle position, and he fucks both of their pussy's back and forth. When he is ready to cum, he explodes in Amiee's mouth and then she spits his cum into her step-sister's mouth!