Rebel Rhyder in BBC Championship Season Step Sister (Part 4) - Taboo Heat

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Step Family 3sum- Who is Tighter-Cory Chase and Rebel Rhyder are sitting next to each other on the bed; Rebel in blue lingerie and Cory in red lingerie. Rebel gets into the doggystyle position so Cory can gently pull her panties off of her body. Rebel pulls Cory's panties off, and then Cory starts to eat Rebel's pussy out. Luke Longly walks into the bedroom at this moment, and he wants to join them! Cory and Rebel both move into the doggystyle position, with their asses and pussies facing Luke. Then they say to Luke 'we want you to tell us which one of us is tighter!' Luke starts to fuck Rebel's ass first, while Rebel goes down on Cory. Cory licks Luke's cock clean before he starts to fuck her ass from behind next. Cory's ass hole gapes open wide as he pulls his cock out of her ass. Cory licks her husband's cock clean, and then Rebel hops on top of Luke. Rebel starts to ride Luke's cock with her pussy, while Cory licks Rebel's nipples. Rebel rides Luke's cock with her ass hole next, and then Cory rides Luke's cock with her pussy right after! The two MILF's get into the doggystyle position next to each other, and Luke fucks their tight holes back and forth. Then he asks the MILF's to lie on their backs next to each other, and he fucks Rebel's pussy and ass. When he is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into Rebel's mouth. Then Rebel spits his cum into Cory's mouth, so the two of them can share it!