Alexa Payne in After Workout Shower - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

Cory Chase and her step-sister, Alexa Payne, have just finished a sweaty workout! They are now in the shower, washing off together. As the waterfalls all over their bodies, Cory takes her fingers and she rubs Alexa's clit. Cory pours some body wash into her hands and then she rubs the body wash all over Alexa's big tits. Cory rubs more body wash on Alexa's big ass, and then they watch the water wash the soap away. Once the soap is off of her tits, Cory leans down and she licks and sucks on Alexa's nipples. Alexa grabs the bottle of body wash and she pours the soap all over Cory's tits this time. Alexa takes her fingers and she rubs Cory's clit this time. Then, Alexa pours body wash all over Cory's ass. Alexa takes her hands and she rubs the soap all over Cory's ass. Cory shakes her ass under the stream of water, and she rinses all of the soap off. Cory and her step-sister grab their towels and they dry their bodies off...