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Channel: Taboo Heat

Stuck in the Sink My step Aunt Cory grabs my step-mom's hand, and the two of them run into a portal that takes them to another MILFverse. Cory tells my step-mom that she needs to find the MILF glue and fuck Luke! Cory tells Nikki to go check the sink for the MILF glue. Nikki sticks her hand in the sink and she ends up getting her hand stuck! I get behind her and I grab her panties, to try and pull her out. I pull all of her clothes off, because they seem to just be getting in the way. I tell her to spread her legs so I can get a good grip to pull her out. I take my cock out and I shove it inside of her pussy; I start to thrust back and forth inside of her. After a few minutes, I finally got her hand unstuck! She wants to help finish me off, so she turns around and continues to fuck my hard cock. It doesn't take much longer for me to cum deep inside of her pussy! Stuck Making My BedMy step-mom, Nikki, is wearing a mini green dress as she walks into my bedroom and finds my unmade bed! She decides to be a nice step-mom and help me out by quickly making my bed. While she is tucking the sheets into the back of the bed, she gets both of her hands stuck in the bed! She calls out my name, and I come running when I hear her cries. I grab on to her green panties and I pull them down. I get behind her on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. I keep fucking her pussy over and over until she finally gets her hands unstuck! Then she flips over on to her back, so I can fuck her in the missionary position. I trick her into putting her hands behind the bed again, and she gets her hands stuck again! Now I need to fuck her again to get her hands unstuck a second time. I keep fucking her pussy until she cums on my cock... And her hands are finally unstuck again! MILF Glue Nikki walks into the living room and she finds a bottle of MILF Glue sitting on the table! She pours some on her hands to test it out, and then she puts her hands on the table. All of a sudden, her hands are stuck to the table and my step-mom is pretty frustrated about this. I walk into the room and I lift up her maroon colored dress. I pull her panties down and I start to fuck her pussy from behind to help her get unstuck. My step Aunt Cory walks into the room while I am fucking my step-mom, and my step-mom begs my step Aunt Cory to help her get unstuck! Cory pours the prototype on Nikki's hands and she is suddenly unstuck! Cory informs Nikki that the only way she can go back to the other universe is if I cum on her face! Nikki lies down on the table and I shove my cock deep inside of her. I fuck her in the missionary position followed by the doggystyle position. When I am ready to cum, I have my step-mom get down on her knees and I explode all over her face! She is finally eligible to go back to the other universe!