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Your Dad Is Gone, Lets Have Some Fun I (Luke Longly) walked into the kitchen this morning, to find my step-mom Coco Vandi wearing a silky, purple robe and making coffee. I ask her where my dad is and she tells me that he's away on a business trip for the week! Coco opens up her robe, exposing her huge, enhanced tits to me! She tells me that my father bought her these and she has to massage them to break up the scar tissue. She asks me if I can help her massage her breasts, since my dad isnt home to help her out. I reach my hands out and I scoop her breast into my hand. I try to massage her tits as she instructs me. She asks me if I've ever had a good blowjob before, and she offers to give me one! I can't believe what I'm hearing, but I also can't seem to say no! She tells me that she will start off slow, as she pulls my cock out of my pants. She gently licks my cock up and down before she puts the whole thing in her mouth. After a few minutes, I want to see what my step-mom's pussy feels like. She lies down on the kitchen counter and I start to fuck my step-mom's pussy in the missionary position. She starts to moan as she cums on my cock! I accidentally cum inside of her and she makes me promise that I'll never tell my dad!Step Mom Cums First-My step-mom is lying down on my bed, as she tells me that she is dying to fuck me again! She wants me to last a little longer this time, and she wants to help me learn how to have more stamina. She is wearing slutty, red lingerie as she gets down on her knees to give me a blowjob. She lies down on her back next and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She cums quickly on my cock, and I keep fucking her harder! I flip her over into the doggystyle position next and I fuck her tight pussy from behind. She cums again and then I cum deep inside of her pussy! She jumps up and rushes off to the shower, to wash me off of her...Step Mom Is Always Horny-I walk into my bedroom to find my step-mom lying on my bed, completely naked! She tells me that she is still horny and she really wants me to fuck her again, since my dad is still away on his business trip! She tells me that she wants me to practice pulling out this time, since I've been giving her creampies lately. She starts to give me a blowjob first, to get my dick hard. She lies down on the bed next so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position. It doesn't take too long for my step-mom to cum all over my cock! I fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position next, followed by missionary again. When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off all over my step-mom's face and in her mouth!I Have Two Step Moms-My step-mom is sitting on her bed, wearing nothing but slutty lingerie, with her step-sister Cory. Coco is wearing a matching red bra and panty set as she confesses to her step-sister that she thinks her husband is cheating on her with his secretary! She also confesses that she's been fucking me, her step-son, while my dad has been away with his secretary. The two MILF's call me into the bedroom, and I walk in to find them both wearing matching red pantyhose. They tell me that Cory wants to test me out, alongside my step-mom! But first, they make me promise that I will keep my mouth shut. Cory Chase looks at me and asks me if I want to have two step-mommies today, and I reply by telling her that two is better than one! They start to make out in front of me, and they warn me that I'm going to have to watch them first before I am allowed to join in. They both strip out of their bras first, and I watch them rub their nipples together. The two MILF's move closer to me, as they pull my cock out from under my shorts. They start to give me a double blowjob and I am so turned on! Cory lies down on the bed first, so I start to fuck her in the missionary position at first while Coco licks Cory's nipples. I fuck Cory in the doggystyle position next so she can eat Coco's pussy out at the same time. The two MILF's switch places and I start to fuck Coco's pussy in the doggystyle position while she eats Cory's pussy out now. When I finally get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off all over both of their faces! Then they run off to the shower and they tell me I can join them! What a great day!