Chloe Cooper- Multi MILFverse- Season 2- Passage of Time (Part 5) - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

Back To Future Past- Chloe Cooper and Cory Chase have just walked through the portal, and they've walked back into the present day. Luke Longly is confused as to why his step-daughter is naked in front of him. Cory tells him that they've just got back from visiting and fucking him 20 years in the past, and they're here to continue it in the present! Cory walks over to Luke and she has him take her bra off. Cory starts to give Luke a blowjob, while Chloe rubs her clit next to them. Luke gets on top of his step-daughter and he starts to pound Chloe's pussy. A few minutes later, Cory gets into the doggystyle position and Luke starts to fuck her pussy from behind. Luke grabs Chloe's big tits while he fucks Cory. Cory flips over into the missionary position next, followed by the cowgirl position. Chloe is rubbing her clit next to her step-dad and Cory. Chloe hops on top of her step-dads hard cock next, and she rides him in the cowgirl position. Chloe lies down in the missionary position and Cory licks her nipples while Luke fucks her. When Luke is getting close to cumming, he shoves his cock deep inside of Cory's ass and then her pussy. Then he jerks his cock off all over Chloe's face and in her mouth; She starts to kiss her step-mom right after, so the two of them can share Luke's cum!