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Dance and a Tease- My step-mom, Sasha, is showing me her fabulous blue dress that she is going to wear to her Halloween party tonight. Looking at my step-mom in her Halloween outfit is really starting to turn me on, because she looks so hot in that royal blue dress! She turns around, so her ass is facing me, and she lifts her dress up in front of me. She exposes her ass hole and the butt plug that is inside of her! Then, she slowly pulls her dress down so I can see her big tits. Before I know it, her dress is down on the ground and she's completely naked minus the butt plug that she still has inside of her. She can tell that I'm starting to get hard, but she isn't sure if she wants to give in, since I am her step-son after all...! I am able to easily convince her, and she starts to give me a blowjob! Once my cock is nice and hard, we walk over to the kitchen counter and she sits down on one of the kitchen chairs. I start to fuck her pussy while she's sitting in the chair, and her pussy is extra tight due to the butt plug inside of her other hole. She flips over and I start to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position next. When I am ready to cum, I explode deep inside of my step-mom's pussy...Sneaking In To My Bed- Sasha is dressed in sexy blue lingerie as she walks down the hall, straight for my bedroom. 'Hey Luke!' she exclaims as she walks into my bedroom. She walks into my bedroom and she tells me that my father ignored her all night at the Halloween party and she's really upset! She climbs on my bed and she gets in between my legs; Then, she pulls my cock out from under my shorts and she starts to give me a blowjob. She thinks I'm more worthy of a blowjob than my father is right now! She climbs on top of me and she rides my cock in the cowgirl position. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggystyle position and I fuck my step-mom from behind this time. I continue fucking her until we think we hear someone at the front door, so my step-mom runs off before my dad catches us...Horny Step Mom During a Party- 'Will you come join me upstairs real quick?' my step-mom asks me. She is wearing a black Hawlloween dress, and the rest of the party is outside in the backyard. 'I'm going to fuck you and let you cum in my mouth, and then I'm going to go kiss your father afterwards!' she giggles. I follow my step-mom upstairs to her bedroom, and then she pulls off her black sequin dress. Part of her costume is devil horns on her head, and she decides to keep those on while she gives me a blowjob. Once my cock is hard, she moves into the doggystyle position and I fuck her pussy from behind. She moves into the missionary position and I fuck her pussy while she moans. 'Do you think they hear us downstairs?' she asked me. 'I'm going to cum on your cock!' she moans a moment later. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into her mouth, and she swallows it all like a good step-mom!