Sisterly Rivalry, Scene #01 - Family Sex Massage


Gianna Gem looks nervous but excited as she enters a massage parlor for a job interview, greeting Mick Blue, the manager of the parlor. A moment later, Gianna's step-sister Eliza Ibarra walks in and both girls immediately greet each other with confusion. 'What are you doing here??' 'What are YOU doing here??'Gianna is not pleased when she learns Eliza is there to apply for the same job that she is. Mick apologizes for apparently booking interviews with them both at the same time, then asks who wants to go first. Eliza and Gianna have a brief argument over who gets to go first until Mick suggests that they share interview together. The sisters glare at each other as they follow Mick into the massage room.Mick thanks them both for showing up, but is frank and lets them know that he can only hire ONE masseuse. Gianna starts to go over her credentials, though Eliza interrupts her, saying that what better way is there to show off their skills than to actually DO a massage? Mick again comments on liking Eliza's boldness, making Gianna even more insecure. He says he'll find a client, but Eliza smiles and suggests that they massage HIM. Mick is initially unsure, though he asks Gianna if she's up for it. Gianna goes along with it, faking a confident smile.They start to undress, Gianna feels awkward in front of Eliza. Eliza reminds her that they're both 18, so what is she shy about? Also, they're going to be seeing naked people all the time as masseuses -- she'd better get USED to it if she wants the job.With Mick lying on the mat, Eliza pours oil on him and starts rubbing the oil on Mick's body as Gianna waits for her turn. Eliza begins to body slide on Mick as Gianna makes sarcastic comments from the sidelines. Soon, Gianna is tired of waiting and pushes Eliza aside. She body slides on Mick as Eliza tosses biting remarks at her from the sidelines. They tell Mick to flip over and Eliza jumps in again, body sliding on his front side.Eliza, still wanting an edge over her sister, declares she'll give Mick a happy ending... if this parlor allows them, of course. Mick looks like he might be angry at first, but then he grins and says that, yes, the parlor allows it. Discreetly, of course. The second he says he would allow it, Gianna jumps in and says she'd give him one too if it means getting the job. Before long, both girls are stroking Mick's hard cock. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!