The Horndog Heckler - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Alison Rey and Violet Rain are a couple of daddys girls, so when they ask their old men to buy them presents, they usually cave. But today, their dads think they have gone too far. They want them to buy a couple of hundred dollar bra and panty sets. The grumpy guys think there is no way they will be convinced, but when their sexy daughters come out of the dressing room with a persuasive plan in mind, things heat up quickly. Alison takes Violets dad to one corner of the store and shows him how horny wearing lingerie makes her. She drops down on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth, downing his sausage while whipping her tongue around his mushroom tip. In the meantime, Violet is in the other corner of the store, bending over and getting her pussy slammed by Alisons pop. Looks like these guys are going to be shelling out some cash after all.