Graduation Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Layla and Nicole are extremely excited about their high school graduation. Their fathers are not just excited as well, but also super proud. Before the ceremony, dozens of photos are taken to commemorate this once in a lifetime experience. When the girls are getting ready, our daddys sit down for a chat in the living room. The girls are blossoming into young adults, and these concerned parents need to make sure that they are prepared. Therefore, they have to make sure that their first time is with a decent guy, assuming they are still virgins of course ;). Daddy knows best I guess, so the swap officially was set into action. The girls come to sit down and these well hung dads whip their meat rockets out only to have the girls in awe by sheer size of them. In part two, Nicole gets one of the hardest daddy dickings ive ever seen from laylas pops. He takes her to the bedroom and fucks her so incredibly hard that the only way she can cope is by squeezing her tits until they almost pop. She becomes extremely vocal and makes sure daddy nut bust experience is nothing short of MIND BLOWING. Our dirty daddys meet up after the swap to confirm no hard feelings, and from there its just another line in the book of DSW history.