Daughters Dirty Business Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

Eden SIn and Sadie Pop have been making a killing selling used panties online to pervy guys at their father's expense. All they do is ask for money to go shopping, buy a ton of undies, wear them for a day, then send them to creeps worldwide for an insane markup. It seemed like the perfect racket, until the dad’s discovered all the money their daughters were making. They sat both the girls down after a shopping spree to get to the bottom of this. The girls showed them what they were doing, and the dad’s were pissed off. Not because their daughters were total sluts, but because they weren't getting a piece of the action! They decided to swap daughters and charge them a one time tax to continue on with their outrageous business. In part two little sadie got the entirety of her holes smashed by the cock of Eden’s dad. He even blew his load all over her face! Sadie was extra careful not to get any of that cum on her panties though, as a guys jizz might hurt the resale value…