Fathers Deal (Vacation Weekend) Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

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The other day I got a call from my old friend Eric asking if my daughter and I wanted to go on summer vacation with him and his daughter to spend some quality time. I thought to myself, what a great Idea! Our daughters have been miserable at home lately and the best thing after a divorce is just getting away from it all for a while. We get to our usual vacation house and it's just as stunning as last year. its great to see our daughters excited and running around all over the place. I know things arent always this cheerful back home. The girls make a great dinner after settling in and well you can say the dinner topics were a little hotter than usual. Who knew my daughter was such a slut, Her friend Liza was spilling all the beans but now that I think of it she must learn it from her mother. Shes feeling my cock with her foot while shes telling all my daughters secrets. That's not the only thing, My daughter was rubbing Erics cock too and that was just enough for me. I had to pull him aside to figure out what exactly was going on. Hes not a dumb guy I mean clearly he saw both of our daughters salivating for us across the dinner table, and well let's just say It didnt take much convincing for me to agree to allow him to sneak into my daughters room later that night, I mean it's only fair trade!