My Stepbrother Has His Hands Full - S2:E7 - Cum Swapping Sis

Channel: Cum Swapping Sis

Aria Valencia and her friend Chanel Camryn are getting ready for some serious suntanning. They also have the opportunity to flirt with one another as they oil each other up in their bikinis. That gives the girls an idea: they're going to mess with Chanel's stepbrother, Codey Steele by calling him in and requesting that he rub the oil onto their behinds. Codey is a bit shy about it, but he ultimately agrees to help them out. They tell Codey to change into a towel so he doesn’t get oil on his shorts, which he also agrees to do. It's all well and good until Aria begins rubbing Codey's dick beneath the towel. Codey's hardon is impressive, which leads Aria to suggest that he put it to good use fucking Chanel. Chanel is laying on her belly all glistening from the oil, and the temptation is too great. Codey winds up giving in to Aria's suggestion and shoving his dick into Chanel's twat. Once Chanel gets over the surprise, she realizes she really likes the cock. Aria gets to take a turn with Codey's fuck stick next, with Chanel drizzling oil all over her. Since they're both all slicked up, it's a slip and slide good time Chanel riding Codey in reverse cowgirl and then Aria riding him in cowgirl. Now that they've had their satisfaction, the girls work together to blow Codey in a double BJ with plenty of ball sucking action. He rewards them with a big load of cum that they can snowball back and forth in a hot finale to their unexpected threesome.