My Two Stepmoms - S1:E10 - Younger Mommy

Channel: Younger Mommy

Tyler Cruise has always had two stepmoms, Kendra Cole and Diana Grace. Now that Tyler is all grown up, he has begun to notice that his two stepmoms are smokin' hot. Kendra and Diana are cleaning the house today, which gives Tyler plenty of opportunities to see their cleavage and get a view up their skirts. When the vacuum cleaner breaks and Tyler gets asked to fix it, he finally gets an opening to tap those hot stepmommies. Tyler gets the vacuum going easily enough, and immediately notices that the suction is top notch. With his stepmoms still giving him powerfully sexual visuals, Tyler gets the bright idea to unzip his pants and stick the vacuum over his dick. He's enjoying the suction until Diana figures out what he's doing. Angry, she calls Kendra over. The ladies debate what to do about Tyler's bad behavior, but eventually they get him to pull his dick out. When they see that it's all red from the vacuum's suction, they decide to help Tyler have a healthy release. It's their duty as his stepmoms. Sucking Tyler off makes Diana and Kendra realize that they miss the dick. Fortunately, they have one right here for their use. Diana takes the first ride in reverse cowgirl as Kendra watches and masturbates. Then Kendra climbs aboard to enjoy some reverse cowgirl action of her own. Kendra keeps taking Tyler's cock as she gets done in doggy and eats Diana out at the same time. Rolling onto her back, Diana spreads herself nice and wide for Tyler to bang her while Kendra rides her tongue. The ladies want Tyler's cum, so he pulls out to oblige and let them play with his jizz pop.