Sophia Locke in Multi-Milfverse Season 2 Summer Catch Up - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

Cory Chase and Summer(Sophia Locke) just got back from taking a hot yoga class together. Summer is wearing a mint green outfit and Cory is wearing an olive green outfit. The two MILF's start to kiss each other, once they've entered the hotel room. Summer peels her shorts off of her body, and then she lies down on the bed. Cory starts to kiss Summer in between her legs, and then she eats her pussy out. Summer helps Cory take her clothes off next. Once Cory is completely naked, she gets into the doggystyle position and Summer eats Cory's pussy and ass out from behind. Cory finger's Summer's pussy next, and Summer begins to moan loudly. Summer goes back to eating Cory's pussy, and then they decide to call Luke into the room...