Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase In Gym Lesbian Step Sisters - Taboo Heat

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Cory Chase and Melanie Hicks are working out in the gym this morning. They're discussing what they should do this evening, and Cory mentions my brand new car. She tells Melanie that she wonders if I (Luke Longly) , her step-son, would lend her my car to go out. I walk into the gym and they begin to ask me about my car. I tell them that it's a 2-seater car, so the three of us won't fit. They beg me to let them borrow my car, and I am hesitant at first. But then I came up with a good way for us both to get what we want! I tell both of the MILF's to take their tops off and show me their tits. I tell Cory to start sucking on Melanie's tits now, and I'm enjoying watching the show. Melanie pulls Cory's shorts down next, exposing her ass and pussy to me. I ask Cory and Melanie what they've done with each other, sexually, that I don't know about. Cory giggles and she doesn't give me a direct answer yet. She offers to show me what they've done, instead of telling me. They start to kiss each other and then Cory spreads her legs, so Melanie can eat her pussy out. After Cory cums in her step-sister's mouth, the two MILF's switch places. Melanie spreads her legs and Cory starts to lick her pussy up and down until she has an orgasm as well.