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My wife, Cory Chase, is going away on a business trip this week. She is leaving me alone at home with our step-daughter, Leana Lovings. Leana is wearing a cute, white dress with flowers in her hair as she kisses Cory goodbye. Leana walks over to the kitchen where I (Luke Longly) am sitting down doing some work. Leana pulls her tits out from under her dress, and then she asks me if I can stretch her out. I try to deny her, but she is pretty convincing! My step-daughter pulls her dress off, and I start to suck on her perky nipples. Leana sits down on the kitchen table, in the missionary position, and she spreads her legs for me. I take my hard cock out and I start to slowly fuck her pussy, while she stretches her legs. After a few minutes, she flips over into the doggystyle position. I keep fucking her pussy from behind until I cum deep inside of her. That was a great work out!Fucked While on the Phone with Step Mom-My step-daughter Leana is lying down on her bed in a light purple dress, while chatting on the phone with her step-mother. She tells Cory that she's been working out with me since she's been gone! I walk into the room and I pull my cock out, for Leana to give me a blowjob. She starts to suck my cock while she is still talking to my wife on the phone! Once my cock is wet and hard, I climb on the bed and I get behind Leana. I start to fuck her tight pussy in the doggy style position while she continues to talk on the phone. After a few minutes, she flips over onto her back and I keep fucking her pussy in the missionary position. She hops on top of me and she rides my cock, until she finally hangs up the phone. Then I pick her up and move her into the missionary position so I can kiss my step-daughter while I fuck her. I eventually remember that I have work to do, so I run off and I tell Leana that we will continue this later!Step Dad Gives Me a Cream Pie-I tell Leana that today is the last day that I can fuck her, since my wife is coming home from her business trip tomorrow. Leana tells me that she's now on birth control pills, and she really wants me to give her a cream pie as a treat for the last time we fuck! Of course I agree with this! I pull my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob; Then I start to play with her nipples and her clit. She lies down on the living room couch and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position as she moans. She climbs on top of me and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position followed by reverse cowgirl. I fuck my step-daughter's tight pussy in the doggy style position, until I get close to cumming. Then I fuck her pussy in the missionary position until I expode deep inside of her pussy! I pull my cock out and I watch my cum drip out of her...Something in the Way She Looks at Me-My step-daughter, Leana, walks into my bedroom this morning wearing a simple green outfit. She doesn't say anything, but she starts to slowly strip out of her green bra and shorts. I watch her tease me as she strips out of her clothes. I walk over to her and I start to suck on her perky nipples. I pull Leana onto the bed, where I continue to lick her tits and eat out her pussy. I don't realize it at first, but my wife, Cory, is secretly watching us from outside of the bedroom! Cory starts to get turned on, and she eventually makes her way into the bedroom and interrupts us! I get nervous that we are in trouble at first, but Cory just wants to join in. I take my cock out of Leana's pussy and I start to fuck Cory in the doggystyle position while Cory kisses Leana. I want to fuck my step-daughter's pussy again, so I go back over to Leana while Cory watches us. Leana cums hard on my cock, and then she switches places with her step-mother. I fuck Cory's pussy while Leana's head is resting on Cory's tits. I jerk my cock off into Leana's mouth and then she spits my cum into Cory's mouth so they can share!