Kaya Knight in Step Moms BFF Moves In Parts 1-3 - Taboo Heat

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My First Time-My step-mom, Cory Chase, tells me that her best friend, Kaya Knight, will be coming to live with us for a little bit! Cory is wearing a blue bathrobe as she goes to open the front door and let Kaya in. Kaya is dressed in a black dress, and she tells Cory that her husband just left her for his secretary! I walk into my bedroom to let my step-mom have some alone time with her friend. A few minutes later, I hear a knock at my door and Kaya walks into my bedroom wearing red lingerie. Kaya asks me if I've had any experience with girls before, and I admit that I don't have any experience at all! She offers to help me out, and I am finding it hard to resist. Kaya climbs up on my bed and she pulls my cock out from under my shorts. She starts to give me a blowjob while she strokes my cock at the same time. I explode in her mouth, and then she walks off, telling me that it was very nice to meet me!Taking My Virginity-I'm hanging out in the living room when Kaya walks in wearing nothing but a white bathrobe. Kaya tells me that my step-mom is in the shower, so we have some free time to ourselves. Kaya gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob under the kitchen table. A few minutes later, we hear footsteps coming towards us. Cory walks into the room, but she's on the other side of the table so she cannot see Kaya under the table. 'I'm about to hop in the shower,' Cory explains. She asks me if I've seen Kaya yet this morning, but I lie and tell her that I haven't. I wait for her to walk away, and Kaya stands up and strips out of her bathrobe. Now that she's naked, we walk over to the couch and she continues sucking my cock. Then she lies down on the couch in the missionary position and I tease her clit piercing with my cock. Then I shove my hard cock deep inside of her pussy. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggystyle position and I continue to fuck her pussy from behind. Then she climbs on top of me and she rides my cock in the cowgirl position. She flips over into the reverse cowgirl position and she continues riding my cock. When I am ready to cum, she puts my cock in her mouth and she finishes me off...Caught Fucking My Mom's Best Friend- Kaya and I walk into my step-mom's bedroom together, and Kaya is wearing a see-through black dress. It doesn't take long before she pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts, and she starts to give me a blowjob. She pulls the see-through dress off of her body, and then she lies down on the bed completely naked. I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position, while I feel up her big tits. I keep fucking her pussy until I am ready to cum, and then I jerk my cock off into her mouth, and it drips down her chin. Right after I came on her, my step-mom, Cory, walks into the room and she catches us! I run out of the room, to avoid the huge lecture that I know my step-mom wants to give me right now! Once I exit the room, Kaya tries to explain the situation away.