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Cory Chase is sitting down with her step-daughter, Harper Madison, and the two of them are sipping some coffee while they chat. Harper confesses that she played some games with her step-dad, while her step-mom was away on a business trip this past week. Cory asks her step-daughter what kind of games she played with her step-father, and Harper tells her that they were naked games! Harper confesses that one of the games was to have sex without birth control... and Cory is shocked! Harper confesses that Luke creampied her pussy, and Cory warns her that she could be pregnant now! Harper says that she just couldn't help herself. Cory asks Harper if Luke fucked her ass as well, and Harper says 'yes!' Cory is stunned, and also upset that she wasn't included in these games. Cory wants to play a game of her own, with her step-daughter, and that's exactly what they start to do! Harper stands up and she strips out of her clothing, before she dares Cory to eat her pussy out. Harper sits back down on the couch and she spreads her legs for her step-mother. Cory starts to slowly lick her step-daughter's pussy up and down. She ends up licking her ass hole as well! Cory continues to eat Harper's pussy and ass out, until she cums hard in her mouth! Cory suggests that the two of them go searching for Luke, so the three of them can play a game together...