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Evelyn Payne and her step-mom, Cory Chase, are hanging out in bed one evening when Evelyn tells Cory that she has a confession to make! Evelyn confesses that she's been having sex with me, her step-dad! Cory admits that she's had her suspicions lately. Cory tells her step-daughter that she has two options: she can either get grounded for a few weeks, or she can let Cory have some anal fun with her as well! Evelyn decides to have some anal fun with step-mother, so she lies back on the bed, and lifts her ass hole up in the air! Cory flips her step-daughter into the doggystyle position so her pussy and ass hole are in perfect position. Cory gets behind her and she starts to eat her ass and pussy out from behind. Then Evelyn goes back into the missionary position and Cory continues to eat her pussy out. After Evelyn cums in her step-mom's mouth, the two switch places. Evelyn starts to lick Cory's nipples before she makes her way down to her step-mom's pussy. She keeps licking her step-mom's clit until Cory cums hard for her step-daughter!