Cory Chase in Multi-Milfverse - Introductions - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

In this series, we break down the fourth wall; Is it okay to talk to the camera? This is an all new series, over 2 years in the making. We do interdimentional time travel and we bring back other characters that have left the show... plus, there's lots of sex! After a brief interdementional travel, Cory Chase returns to fuck her step nephew (Luke Longly)! Cory walks through a portal, to get to the gym where Luke, her step-nephew, is working out. She takes her jacket off, revealing a light blue bra and panty set. She gets down on her knees and pulls out Luke's hard cock. She pulls her enhanced tits out from under her bra and she starts to give him a blowjob. Once Luke's cock is wet and hard, Cory flips over into the doggystyle position and where he starts to fuck his step Aunt's pussy from behind. Then she flips over on to her back, so he can fuck her in the missionary position next. She tells him that he has an all access pass to all three of her holes, and he is excited to fuck her ass next! Luke starts to fuck her ass and a nice and wide gape is left after I pull my cock out. She cleans his cock off with her mouth before letting Luke fuck her ass some more. Luke fucks his step Aunt's ass in the doggy style position followed by the missionary position. She hops on top of him next and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. He fucks her ass and pussy back and forth, until getting close to cumming. Then, I finally jerked my cock off all over her face, leaving a big fat load all over.Step Aunt Cory picks up a strange device, puts her clothes back on and opens a portal or something and disappears...I wonder what and where she might be going or who she might bring back with her...