Chloe Cooper in Summer Alone with Step Dad Vol 2 (Part 2-4) - Taboo Heat

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Tan Lines or No Tan LinesChloe Cooper and Melanie Hicks are outside by the pool, looking for Luke Longly. Luke is inside of the poolhouse, looking at porn on the internet. Chloe and Melanie finally walk into the pool house, and Luke shuts his laptop down. Chloe shows her step-dad what Melanie's breasts look like; covered in tan lines! Both women strip down in front of Luke, so he can clearly see that Chloe doesn't have any tan lines and Melanie does. Chloe and her step-aunt start to lick each other's big, natural tits, before Chloe gets down on her knees and gives Luke a blowjob. Luke starts to fuck Chloe's pussy first, and then switches to fucking Melanie's pussy in the doggystyle position. Melanie lies down on her back and Luke fucks her pussy in the missionary position, while Chloe fingers her pussy next to them. Chloe gets into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks her pussy from behind. Then she licks his cock clean... Who Has Better TitsMelanie Hicks and her step-niece, Chloe Cooper, are sitting at the kitchen counter. Melanie is wearing a red bathrobe and Chloe is wearing a pink bathrobe. They call Luke Longly into the room and they ask him who has the better tits! Luke reaches out and he grabs each of their tits, to compare. Luke is having a tough time deciding, so he pulls his MILF Glue out and he has Chloe jerk his cock off while she's fingering herself. He shoves his cock deep inside of her pussy and he fucks her, while Melanie fingers herself and watches them. Luke moves over to Melanie next and he fucks her pussy while she's sitting in the kitchen chair. Chloe flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks her pussy from behind next. He is enjoying switching back and forth between fucking his wife and his step-niece! He fucks Melanie's pussy until he cums deep inside of her; Then, Chloe licks his cum out of her step-aunt's pussy! 'I'm sorry I didn't give you guys an answer to your question...' Luke exclaims. Who Has The Nicest AssChloe Cooper and her step-aunt, Melanie Hicks, are lying down next to each other in bed. They are preparing to ask Luke Longly which one of them has the nicest ass. Luke walks into the room and he has the two women get into the doggystyle position next to each other. They start kissing each other on the lips, while Luke starts to fuck Melanie's pussy from behind. Then he moves over to Chloe and he fucks his step-niece's pussy from behind. Melanie lies down in front of Chloe so Chloe can eat her step-aunt's pussy out, while Luke is fucking Chloe's pussy from behind. He fucks both Chloe and Melanie in the missionary position, one right after the other. Chloe hops on top of Luke and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position, so he can watch her big ass bounce up and down as she rides him. Melanie hops on top of Luke next and she rides his cock in the same reverse cowgirl position that her step-niece just did. Chloe and Melanie switch places and Chloe rides Luke's cock in the cowgirl position this time. He fucks Melanie's pussy until he is ready to cum, and then he jerks his cock off all over Melanie and Chloe's faces!