Chloe Cooper in Summer Alone with Step Dad Vol 2 (Part 1) - Taboo Heat

Channel: Taboo Heat

Tan Lines Chloe Cooper is wearing a seafoam green bikini, and she's checking herself out in the mirror. Her step-aunt, Melanie Hicks, walks into the room and Chloe tells Melanie that she's upset that she doesn't have any tan lines! Melanie is wearing a dark pink dress, but her tan lines are visible around her breasts. Chloe is so attracted to tan lines, that she leans in and kisses Melanie on the mouth. It doesn't take long before Chloe is in between Melanie's legs, eating her pussy out. After Melanie cums, she licks and sucks on her step-niece's nipples. Melanie takes her fingers and she rubs Chloe's clit until she cums! Then they both throw their clothing back on...