Chloe Cooper in Summer Alone with Step Dad (Parts 1-3) - Taboo Heat

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Does This Look Good On Me-Luke Longly walks into his step-daughter, Chloe Cooper's, bedroom, and he finds her sitting on her bed. Chloe asks her step-father if she can try on some lingerie for him, before she starts her new webcamming job. Chloe's step-mother is away for the summer, so it's just going to be her and Luke for the whole summer! She tries on black and beige lingerie with black boots, and Luke can feel his cock starting to get hard. Chloe gets down on her knees and she starts to give him a blowjob, since they are home alone! Still wearing the beige and black lingerie, she crawls up on her bed and she lies down in front of her blue and white lingerie. Then, Luke hops up on the bed and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. She flips over onto her back and she pulls her big tits out from under her bra. Then, he fucks her pussy in the missionary position while she has both hands on her own tits. He keeps fucking her pussy until he cums inside of her tight pussy.Should I Go To The Mall Without a Bra-Chloe is telling her step-dad, Luke, that she plans on going to the mall with her friends later today. She asks him if he thinks it's okay if she goes to the mall without a bra. Chloe is wearing a white t-shirt and green pants, and Luke isn't sure if she should go without a bra. His cock is more convinced than he is, as he feels his cock growing in his pants. Chloe gets down on her knees in front of him and she starts to suck his cock. Chloe gets naked and then she climbs on top of Luke; She starts to ride his cock. He reaches us and he grabs her big, natural tits while she rides him. Chloe bends over on the couch and her step-dad fucks her pussy in the doggystyle position. Chloe lies down on her back next and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position while her big tits bounce up and down. Luke fucks her pussy until he cums deep inside of her pussy again! 'Ready for the mall?!' he exclaims.Distracting Game Playing E-Girl Step Daughter-Chloe is playing video games in her bed, when her step-dad walks in. She is wearing ears and white lingerie as she lies down on her step-brother's bed, playing her game. 'Your step-brother isn't home, is he?' Luke asks her. 'No, he's not!' Chloe exclaims. Luke gets on the bed behind Chloe and he pulls her g-string off of her body. He pours some lube on his step-daughter's tight holes, and then he starts to finger fuck her pussy from behind. A few moments later, he shoves his hard cock inside of her. Chloe is still playing her video game while her step-dad is fucking her. Chloe flips over on to her back and Luke fucks her pussy in the missionary position. Chloe finally puts the video game down, and Luke starts to fuck her pussy from the doggystyle position again. When he takes his cock out of her pussy, she gives him a blowjob and cleans his cock. Then she hops on top of him and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Chloe's face and he soaks her in cum!