Amiee Cambridge - Moving In - Vol 3 - Free Use Step Aunt (Part 1-3) - Taboo Heat

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I am upstairs in my bedroom when I hear a knock at the front door. I walk down the long flight of stairs, and I open the front door to find my step Aunt Melanie Hicks with her step-sister Amiee Cambridge. Melanie is wearing a bright blue dress while Amiee is wearing a blue and white dress. Melanie begs me to let Aimee stay in my house for a few weeks because she has nowhere else to go! I tell the two MILF's that they have to take off their clothes before walking into my house. It's like a nudist colony here! Melanie warns Amiee that she's going to have to pleasure me sexually in order to spend the night here. I reach my hand out and I grab both of their big tits first! I tell them that I've come up with a new formula for my MILF glue, which also serves as lube as well! Amiee leans back on the couch as I start to fuck her pussy first. Then Amiee flips over so I can fuck her pussy from the doggystyle position next. Melanie holds Amiee's ass open, while I fuck her. When I am finished fucking her, I tell Amiee that she is definitely allowed to stay the night here!Learning The House Rules-I make the house rules clear to the ladies. I am in charge of everyone; Cory is in charge of Melanie and Aimee; and Melanie is in charge of Amiee. Melanie shows Amiee to her bedroom, and Amiee tells Melanie that this situation is a little weird to her. She has no choice but to give in to my rules though, since she has nowhere else to go! Amiee leans in and she starts to kiss Melanie while they both untie their bathrobes. They are both completely naked underneath their bathrobes. Melanie leans back on the bed and she spreads her legs for Amiee. Amiee starts to lick and suck on Melanie's clit until she eventually cums in her mouth! I hear moaning coming from the bedroom so I decide to walk in! I take my cock out and I put my cock in Melanie's mouth first. Then I fuck Melanie's pussy for a few minutes until I cum deep inside of her. Stuck in the Office-Amiee is wearing an orange bikini as she walks into my home office. She finds my new version of MILF Glue sitting on my desk and she decides to investigate! She pours it on her hands because she doesn't believe that it will actually make her stuck to the furniture. She touches the table and of course she is now stuck to the table! She starts calling out my name, but Melanie hears her cries before I do! Melanie comes rushing to the rescue, and Melanie is still completely naked as well. Melanie rolls her eyes at Amiee and she reminds her that I warned her not to touch the MILF Glue! Melanie unties Amiee's bikini and then she gets behind her to try and pull her off the desk. I finally hear the two of them arguing so I walk into my office to see what's going on. I find the two MILF's completely naked, with Amiee's hands stuck to the table. I get behind Amiee and I stick my cock inside of her pussy to try and fuck her outl. I keep fucking her until finally her hands become free! Then I ask Melanie to switch places with her step-sister, and Melanie hops on top of the desk next. I fuck the two MILF's back and forth until I get close to cumming. Then I jerk my cock off all over both of their faces and in their mouths!