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Step Family Stuck Under The Bed-Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks and Kira Fox all stick their heads under the bed, searching for the Milf Glue. They get themselves stuck under the bed, face down, ass up. Luke Longly and Johnny Love walk into the room and they lube up their cocks with Milf glue. Luke fucks Amiee from behind first, and he fucks her until she gets unstuck. Luke fucks Kira next, until he is able to pull her out from under the bed as well. Johnny fucks both Melanie and Cory until they get unstuck. Then, the MILF's hop on top of the bed and Johnny and Luke follow. Luke fucks Cory's pussy from behind, while she sucks Johnny's cock. Luke fucks Kira's pussy from behind, while Johnny fucks Amiee from behind. Luke starts to fuck Kira in the missionary position, while Cory eats Amiee's pussy out, and Melanie rides Johnny's cock. Amiee rides Johnny's cock next, while Amiee kisses Cory. Cory rides Johnny's cock, while Luke is still fucking Kira. They keep taking turns fucking each other, in no particular order. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Kira's face. When Johnny is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Cory, Amiee and Kira's faces! In the end, everyone forgot what they were doing originally and they left and ordered Pizza!