Amiee Cambridge in Cum Play a Game with Step Mom - Taboo Heat

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You're bored at home this afternoon, and you ask your step-mom if there's anything you can do this afternoon to make yourself less bored. Your step-mom, Amiee Cambridge, tells you that she has an idea for a game that you can play with her! She tells you that she's going to touch herself while you touch yourself, and you can race to see who can get themselves off first. She tells you that you're not allowed to touch yourself until she allows you to. She stands up in front of you and she pulls her dress to the ground. She reveals green lingerie, and you want to touch her body so badly but you're not allowed to! She strips out of her lingerie and now that she's completely naked in front of you, you can feel your cock starting to grow hard in your pants. She sits down on the couch and she spreads her legs in front of you. She starts to rub her clit, and she finally tells you that you're allowed to start to stroke your cock. She fingers her wet pussy and you start to stroke your cock a little bit faster now. She rubs her clit harder and harder, until she is close to cumming. She moans for you to cum first, and then she cums right after you...