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Amiee Cambridge has a feeling that her step-sister, Cory Chase, has been fucking her husband lately. Cory walks into the room wearing just a bra and panties, and Amiee asks her if she has anything to confess. Cory finally admits that it was a foolish mistake, and she wants to make up for it! Cory leans in to kiss Amiee on the mouth, and then the two step-sisters slowly start to undress. Cory starts to lick and suck on Amiee's nipples, before Cory gets completely naked. Cory lies down on the bed and Amiee gets in between her legs and starts to eat her step-sisters' pussy out. She continues to lick and suck on Cory's clit until she cums in her mouth! Then Cory pulls Amiee's shorts off, so she can return the favor. Cory eats her step-sister's pussy out until she cums in her mouth as well!